Welcome to my blog. I write erotica and host a podcast where we talk about sex, relationships, dating and everything in between.  So strap up, listen closely and get ready, because you WILL get wet on this ride!

CAUTION: You Will Get Wet On This Ride

Come in and have a seat.

Take your shoes off. Feel free to take off whatever else you'd like. This is definitely not the environment to be shy, judged or quiet. This is my e-bedroom and I've decided to open its doors to you.

So who the hell am I and why should you not hit the 'X' on this tab?

Well, Vanity Strokes is a self-professed sex addict. (I'm actually pretty comfortable with that)

I'm grown (that's as much as you're gonna get outta me about my age).

A lot of what you're gonna read here are my inner thoughts, feelings and experiences. You may get a couple things here and there that are influenced by the experiences of others, but for the most part this is my diary. You guys are special in the sense that this is my first time (and believe me, I don't have a lot of opportunities to say that too often anymore). I haven't ever put my sexual experiences out there for the world to see. I never hide them either but my diary has never been made public. Until now.

We're gonna talk about everything from Vanilla Sex to Sludge Sex, Toys, How-to's, Do's and Dont's. I'll tell you guys about my partner(s), sex clubs, threesomes and orgies. I'll answer your questions and maybe even ask you a few. Basically, i'm about to strip down to my skin and get into bed with you one post at a time.

My sexual career started when I was 16 and I had actually decided before that what I liked sexually. The truth is I chose my first partner because I knew that a female who liked/loved sex was looked down on and I didn't want to just have sex with some guy who was gonna turn around and tell the world I was slut before my pussy was dry again. My plan was essentially to have sex, call him a few times, leave him and start experimenting with all of thoughts I had and things I had seen. It didn't quite work out that way though (I fell face first into love...blah blah blah). I'm glad it happened the way it did because I was definitely not as ready to claim my sexuality as I thought. In my late teens/early twenties I started cumming coming into my own and REALLY understanding sex and the role it played in my life. I made no apologies for my sex life and quite frankly I didn't let a partner stick around long enough after the fucking to ask me questions that made me want to apologize. I had a system of sleeping with whomever I wanted (safely) and calling them 3 times afterwards so they wouldn't feel used before deleting them out of my phone and saving them to my sexual archives. Fast forward to my mid twenties when I fell head over heels in love (again), with the man I thought I would marry. Why I was so in love is beyond me when thinking about it now he wasn't remotely close to being the best I've ever had. To be honest, I'm not sure he'd even round out my Top 10. Maybe emotionally he'd round out the Top 5. But his performance…well let's just say that taught me a little more about myself and my sexual expectations.

I'm also into women. I've had relationships with women and I've had flings with women. Cliché as it may sound; I think a woman's body is one of THE most beautiful things I've ever seen. Some women are more naked with another woman than with men and I've seen that (and loved it). Her eyes become shy, her mouth becomes wanting, her nipples call to finger tips, the curve of her breasts beg to be cupped, her waist taunts you when it winds, her hips relax, her legs spread and her pussy tastes like ambrosia (Fruit of the Gods in case you didn't know…get familiar please). Boy do I love me a woman…but I do also feel like for me personally, women are my fun place. I don't hide this from the women I get involved with. I let them know that I handpicked them and they're special to me in terms of our friendship but I'm never going to be their happily ever after. I'd say that honesty is the key to my success.

I'm not an expert (yet), but I plan to be. What I can say is that I know what I know and I know those things well. I'm not going to be everybody's cup of tea. Some folks won't like me based on what they read here. Some will come here just to try to berate me. Some will judge me based on my diary and I welcome those people here because obviously they're seeking a location where someone will tell them to Fuck Themselves. I can do that. No Problem. On that note, a little bit about the house rules in here:

  1. JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE. Familiarize yourself with the term if you don't already know it because that's how I operate around here. I catch you judging and you're out.
  2. BE RESPECTFUL. It takes a lot for people to open up about themselves. Respect others and they'll respect you.
  3. BE YOURSELF. You can share as much or as little as you want. We're all friends here (or at least I hope we will be)
  4. PLAIN TALK, BAD MANNERS. I like straight shooters preferably in the face. As much as this is about me, it requires you so I'm open to what you have to say
  5. HAVE FUN. Sex is one of my favorite topics and if you don't already love it then I'm hoping spending some time here will help you find a love for it.
  6. PLAY DIRTY. This is the place for everything except Prim and Proper. There will be explicit content. Maybe more than you can handle in a week so brace yourself.

I am ALWAYS open to questions/comments and suggestions for discussion.

I'm 1/16th voyeur so believe me I like to watch read as much as I like to play write.

So strap on up, lube listen up and get ready because you WILL get wet on this ride!

Vanity Strokes (Vee)

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