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Cum Once…Twice…Three Times With A Lady…

My first time with a woman was in my early twenties…I believe I was 20 or 21. She was a model and had pursued me online. I had always been curious but I also didn't know how to get approach women. I mean what do you say to someone if you're not sure whether or not they'll be receptive to your advances? She took me out to dinner, introduced me to different men and I admired her like nobody's business. She always looked beautiful, had a nice home, and drove a nice car. She was who I wanted to be. We drank and partied any day of the week and men fell in line behind us for a chance to be taken home. Our first time together we went to a party and got drunk; we called some friends of hers after the party and they met us at the club. I rode with one friend and she rode with the other. We all went back to her place and I slipped into a swimsuit and we hopped into the hot tub. I was very sure about what was happening and once I got into the hot tub I went to work. I straddled the chocolate brother on my left toying with his ear lobes and tracing his neck with my tongue. He grabbed my thighs and squeezed. His hands traced their way up my thighs and opened up wider as they palmed my ass. I almost got lost in the rhythm we were rocking in, but our jealous observer came up behind me and grabbed the back of my neck. He leaned me back against him and ran his hands down my throat and around the curves of my breasts. He cupped them as if checking for ripeness and as my chocolate lover pulled me towards him by ass; my vanilla lover pulled me back by my breasts. The tug-o-war was in full swing and I was the rope. My vanilla lover released my neck momentarily only to release his swelling dick from his shorts and didn't miss a single rhythmic beat. He pressed up against my ass and whispered in my ear "Tell him you want me". I bit my lower lip and moaned. He squeezed tighter around my neck and again demanded I look at my Chocolate lover and tell him that I wanted Vanilla. I opened my eyes and opened my mouth to utter the words; my chocolate lover pulled me towards him and silenced the words I had not yet spoken with his tongue. He roamed the inside of my mouth searching for the words I was trying to say so that he could kiss them away. My Vanilla lover ran his hands down my back and rested them on my waist. I believe he would have taken liberties with my ass at that moment had it not been for the Butterscotch Goddess who walked onto the deck. She wore a wicked smile that complemented her tiny bathing suit and playfully said "Girl, you started the party without me? You Naughty bitch." My Vanilla lover released me to help her into the hot tub. I pulled away from Chocolate and told him to watch. I told him that Vanilla was his competition and his performance meant the difference between him having me or Vanilla having us both. He pushed me off of him and turned my back to him. I prepared to ease onto his dick but that was not the plan he wanted to put into play. He sat me in his lap spreading my legs over his knees and grabbed hold of my pussy, inserting his middle and ring finger into my treasure box. He manipulated my clit with his thumb while I watched Vanilla and Butterscotch across from us. He finger fucked me again with a vigor that made my moans raise a level above acceptable for company and continued to speak directly to my pussy through my ear "You want to leave this to fuck that? That's what you want?" It sounded like half dare/half threat and I was fully interested. I watched Butterscotch's legs wrap around Vanilla's legs. Her ass bounced up and down as she swallowed every inch of him into her pussy. Their impassioned gaze broke only when Vanilla realized we had been watching. He buried his face into her neck and looked at me with teasing eyes. He rocked her back and forth guiding her by only her ass and the more he taunted me the more I wanted. Butterscotch realized we were watching and slowed to a stop. She slowly rose off of his still rock solid dick and water dripped from her pussy like rain off of leaves during a storm. She sauntered past me and climbed out of the hot tub where Vanilla followed quickly behind her. I grabbed Chocolate's hand and slid him out of me. I held his hand and felt it tense up in protest; a protest that I quickly halted by sliding his newly released fingers into my mouth. I held his fingers in my mouth and led him out of the tub while I sucked whatever traces of me were left on him. Through the sliding doors and lightly across the kitchen we left wet tracks on the floor. I could hear Vanilla and Butterscotch upstairs; her letting out the occasional teasing laughter. In my mind all I could think of was getting my hands on her. Chocolate followed me upstairs and began untying the top on my bikini; he ensured that I stayed focused on the sight in front of me. Butterscotch laid on her back with her legs spread wide open while Vanilla told sexy secrets to her pussy in between licks.

"Come here bitch". The words were far from sweet but her tone was sweet as honey. Vanilla halted his communication and moved away from the bed. I walked towards her and climbed up on the bed. She sat up on her left elbow and gently pushed me onto my back. She caressed my breasts and traced her fingertips down my stomach and spread my legs. Her middle finger broke through the lips of my pussy and found the nectar it was searching for. She slid her finger in and out of me until she could hear the sounds of my pleasure and then rubbed the honey all over my clit. Every slip of her finger excited me and for a moment I forgot we had an audience. She looked me dead in the eyes and kissed me longingly. Her tongue massaged mine for what seemed like an eternity and when she finally pulled away from me the look in her eyes told me that my kiss gave away that this was the first time. She straddled my waist and it was then that I noticed our audience had shifted to get a better view. Chocolate had assumed a position directly behind her, sliding his hands in between my thighs and massaging both her and I at the same time. Vanilla stood over my head, hard dick on full display. She leaned over to give him head and I watched as her throat gave the illusion that she was swallowing every inch of him whole. My hands found their way to her ass and I rocked her back on forth on my hips like Chocolate had done to me in the hot tub. She moaned as she sucked and rocked and I felt when my hands had overlapped Chocolate's hands. I squeezed a handful of her ass and she moaned a little louder. I rubbed her with my right hand as if to mark the spot and without warning pulled back and issued a slap. She cried out with pleasure and began to suck faster and harder. Chocolate directed my hands to spread her ass cheeks and the bucking in her hips told me that his fingers had found their way into a hole she wasn't used to having pleased. I could feel her getting wetter as she rode my hips and before long her riding became sliding. She stopped all action and slid a trail of her honey up my stomach and chest until her pussy dangled over my face. Here I was on the verge of the very thing I had imagined for so long. "You boys are in for a treat; she's never done this before." I felt more naked in that moment than I did when I had removed all of my clothes. My biggest secret and she had just told it. Chocolate walked around to where our heads rested to get a better look. With all eyes on me and her breath bated I pulled her down onto my face and French kissed her Butterfly. The more I tried to lap up her wetness, the wetter she got and before long she was squeezing her legs on either side of my head and riding my face. Her moans filled the room and Vanilla and Chocolate could be heard stroking themselves to the rhythm of my licks. Realizing that I now owned her I reached my hands up and flipped her onto her back. I opened her legs and drove my face into her. She moaned out in a burst of unexpected pleasure and I made sure that I was positioned for entry by either man. Chocolate climbed up behind me and slid in with ease. The more I licked the harder he clicked and at one point I had to slow him down to keep from losing my pace. Vanilla dug his toes into the carpet while Butterscotch worked at sucking out his cream filling. His hand hit hard as he braced himself on the wall and his toes sounded as though they clicked together as he prepared for release. I whispered loud enough to be heard but quiet enough to not break the mood of the room "Make him cum for me" and she put her hands into my hair to confirm her receipt of my orders.

The charging behind me suddenly went full speed ahead and for a moment I could feel Chocolate's anger at the lack of attention he was receiving. He wasn't just fucking for pleasure; he was fucking for his existence. He slapped my ass to get my attention and let his anger choose his words. "You want cum? I can give you cum. Throw that ass back bitch." I did as I was told and with every word we all became hotter. I could feel my body temperature rising from my toes right to my head. Vanilla grabbed my hair while he fucked Butterscotch's throat. He held on for dear life and as his moans turned to growls he grabbed hold of the back of my neck. Butterscotch let out a muffled moan and I could tell she had reached his creamy center. Her mouth sounded full and as I kissed her neck I noticed she hadn't swallowed. I climbed off of her and looked at Chocolate, Vanilla was slumped against the wall and butterscotch looked disappointed that this may be the end. I pulled her into a sitting position at the end of the bed sat on my knees behind her. As I kissed her neck I whispered in her ear "open your mouth and let's get messy". Cum trickled down her chin and onto her perfect breasts and I gave chocolate a look of approval. With a quickness he threw her legs over his shoulders and penetrated her without a second thought. I finger-doodled with the cum on her chest and he loved every moment. I straddled her face and looked him dead in the eyes as she reignited the fire in my pussy. "Cum for me daddy", his face contorted and he declared what I already knew; he was ready. I leaned forward and as I bounced up and down on Butterscotch's warm tongue, Chocolate showered me with a reward for pleasing him. Tongue lapping my clit, Vanilla out of nowhere slid three fingers into my pussy. My hips began winding like a slithering snake and I became entranced. "Cum slut" it was the first time I'd heard it and I loved it. I sped up my movements to silently scream my pleasure. Butterscotch tensed her arms and anchored me to her face. My body suddenly felt exhausted and I could feel my own cum trickling into her mouth. As I went limp I rolled off of her and lay on my back. Our lovers began collecting their clothes almost instinctively and in a haze I heard them faintly say goodbye. "You were wonderful baby. We need to do this again soon." Butterscotch caressed my leg and I slowly drifted out of consciousness.

My first time with a woman was more than I was expecting but everything I had hoped for. So tell me, how was your first time with a same sex partner? If you've never been with a same sex partner but you want to, how do you imagine your first time will be?

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