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Phone A Friend…

His skin reminded me of still molasses. It was rich and dark and all the same color. His height made him look like a long still dark river and I loved it. His baritone resonated all throughout my body and his hands as big as they were felt like a silk blanket across my skin whenever he caressed me. He picked me up around 6 p.m. and we headed to the reception site. It was a quaint little place downtown with a full glass front and limited furnishings. The guests were scattered throughout the room mingling. "Welcome!" We were greeted by the groom who was glowing. We exchanged our hellos and I introduced him to my molasses (or Mo). As he walked away, Mo lightly rested his fingers on the small of my back; he leaned in and said "Can I get you a drink baby?" I looked up at him and said yes with my eyes. He left me to head to the bar and as I watched him walk away the room slowed down. The sounds in the music blurred together and made a muted humming sound; "he placed the glass in my hand and I looked up at him longingly. "You look very nice tonight." Mo engaged in conversation throughout the evening with various other men present. I chatted with the ladies and made several trips to the bar. As the night went on, watching Mo work the room I became more and more attracted to him. He laughed with the executives and the family; he was a guest of mine but he fit in while I faded into the background. He checked on me throughout the night, making sure I always had a drink and touching me enough to let me and everyone else in the room know that I was his for the night. Around 12 am Mo came up behind me while I was speaking with an older group of women, resting his hands just above my ass Mo whispered in my ear "I need to take you home now." Without missing a beat I excused myself from the conversation to say my goodbyes. I said goodbye to the newlyweds and lead Mo out of the establishment with my hips. Mo opened my car door and tucked me into the seat. He got into the car and asked me if I still wanted to go to a party we had earlier discussed. I told him that I definitely wanted to go out and dance for him. As we drove towards the club only a short distance away I had an idea that my liquid courage incited me to execute. "Please pull over on this street coming up." Without asking any questions Mo pulled up to the curb in front of a small townhouse. He pulled under a tree that blocked out the street lights and we sat in the car waiting. I leaned back my seat and slid my feet out of my pumps. I put my feet up on the dashboard and separated my knees. Mo looked at me and smirked, "What are you doing Miss. Honey?" I giggled playfully and traced my lips with my fingers. I circled them until they slowly started to open. He let out a low growl and I slipped my finger into my mouth. For a moment my finger became his sex and I bobbed and nodded it in and out of my mouth. He placed his hands on my ankle and slowly started to slide it up my leg. He pulled my knee towards him and revealed my Brazilian treated pussy waiting for him. I could feel it pulsating and his fingers trailed the maze that was my legs. His fingers lightly tapped behind my knees as if looking for a trigger to a secret passageway. He noticed the reaction my body displayed and slipped my leg over his shoulder; he kissed the inside of my knees and a moan slipped out between my lips. I knew what he was going to give me and I knew that I couldn't wait to receive it. "I want you to come over here and sit on this dick. I want to fill your pussy wall-to-wall until you can't take it anymore." I slid my feet down from his shoulders and as I flung my right leg over the steering column to straddle him I reached down his side and reclined the seat. My pussy purred as his head parted my lips and I felt every vain on his shaft as he went deeper into me. The wine took over my mind and visions of satisfying two lovers at the same time overtook me. I imagined my other lovers' jealous lust setting the pace for his stroke and all logic must have blacked out of me because I reached for my phone.

Mo looked at me perplexed. I dialed a number and as the phone rang I put it on speaker. "Hello" The voice on the other end caught Mo off guard. He wasn't sure how to react to the baritone on the other end that matched his own. "Hey Baby, what's up?" A lust-filled drawl enveloped my words as they left my mouth. "Hey what's up?" Mo grasped my ass as if to guide the conversation with his hands. "Mmm…nothing". I could hear the puzzlement on the other end. "You ok?" Mo found his hands climbing up my dress and grabbed a handful of my breast. He slipped my nipple in between his finger and thumb and stuck his tongue out. His hard wet tongue flicked my erect nipple and as the nipple got harder his tongue flicked faster. "Hello? Miss. Honey are you good?" I was ready to cross that line and let him into the dirty world I was escaping to. "Uhh…yeah, I'm good. Mmmm" I felt Mo's dick grow to fill any space that may have been left in between my walls. He thrusted harder upward and held me from bouncing off of his dick by anchoring me with his arm around my waist. His baritone dissipated the veil of anonymity. Mo and my ever present Lancelot had met before. Lancelot and I had dated briefly and had maintained a friendship post-split. Lancelot was my trusted and true constant companion and although our friendship was strong, our sexual tension was undeniable. Mo demanded just above a whisper "How bad do you want this dick?" Lancelot let out a chuckle and asked a question for which he already knew the answer very well. "Are you fucking right now?" He almost sounded upset except his breathing betrayed him and I could tell he was turned on. "Uhmm…yeah." Lancelot chuckled again and I finally released the moans I had been trying to suppress. "Uh…mmm…yes." Lancelot moaned on the other end and I was sure that if I could see into his space through the phone I would've found his strong hand stroking his perfect dick. Again his breathing betrayed him and got deeper with every moan I released. Mo slapped my ass as if to jolt me awake and my ass bounced on his lap in response. I began to buck my hips and grind against him. I threw my legs over his shoulders and leaned onto the steering wheel with my back arched. I relaxed my knees and Mo picked up on my invitation to massage my clit. He looked down and concentrated on my clit and spit directly on it. His thumbs kneaded his saliva into me and the slip made my opening slippery. As he played with my clit he flexed his dick and it pulsated inside of me. "Miss. Honey it sounds like you're giving away my nectar. Did you call me to let me listen to that?" A devilish smile crept up my face and I decided I was ready to really make my play. "I wanted you to hear what you were missing. He's fucking my pussy just the way I like it and the only thing I'd like more is to suck your dick right now." The invitation replayed several times in my mind while I waited what felt like an eternity for his response. "I want you to meet us at my house. I want to fuck the both of you tonight." It was the most bold I had ever been with Lancelot, but I was very ready. He asked me to call him when I get home and hung up.

I climbed off of Mo and slid into the passenger seat. As he turned on the car and prepared to drive off, I slid down onto my knees. I gathered Mo's wet dick into my hands and began to stroke. His eyes rolled back into his head in ecstasy and I took that as my opportunity to strike. My mouth pounced onto his head with a swiftness and I began bobbing up and down. I sucked on him first slowly and then fast. I alternated between paces and when he seemed to be getting used to the rhythm I began to add a twist and stroke to the equation. His growl rose from deep down within him and rose carnally and commanding. He placed his hand on the back of my head and pushed me down every time I rose back up. I opened my mouth wider every time he pushed me down and the sound of his dick massaging the back of my throat turned him on more and more. Before I could give him the release he so badly craved we arrived at home. We hurriedly walked up the stairs to the apartment and once inside he began to tear at my clothes. He peeled my dress off of my body as I kicked my heels off at the door. "Call him and tell him to come get this pussy." Mo was ready to share and I knew it was part cockiness and part curiosity. I called Lancelot and his phone rang to voicemail all three times. I was becoming deflated and sad; I was not going to live out that fantasy tonight. Mo sensed my disappointment and was determined to not let the night end this way. He laid me on the bed as he had so many nights before and climbed atop my face. He slid his dick into my mouth and began pumping feverishly. He only stopped to gain more leverage by hanging my head off of the side of the bed so he could plant his feet onto the hardwood pull my head towards him as he slid his dick into me. I began to gag and that only increased his pleasure. The gagging and sucking and obvious salivating made his knees weaken; Mo loved sloppy head. I begged him to give me more every time he let me catch my breath and he promised he would give me exactly what I needed to fall asleep. He let go of my head so abruptly that it snapped against the bed and he disappeared outside to the living room. He came back into the room and told me that there would be no more attention to my pussy for the night from him. He ordered me to start massaging my clit and preparing to make myself cum with him. He prepared himself for my sloppy head. I tried to be as sloppy as possible and as his dick got saturated he would pull it out and rub it all over my face. As the air dried it out he would slide it back into my mouth for more lubrication. He pulled out just as my jaw felt like it would lock on me and told me again to get ready to cum. I started massaging my clit faster and slipping my fingers into my wetness. I covered my fingers in my nectar and got lost in my self-love making. The more I fucked myself, the louder my moans became and as my body began to convulse warmth engulfed my face. It was only then that I remembered I was not alone and opened my eyes to see Mo shuddering atop me. He rubbed the fruits of his labour all over my face and twitched as I wrapped my tongue around his head. Once he rolled off of me I slid off to the bathroom to wash my face. I turned on the light and looked at the cum on my face. The wicked smile I felt overthrowing my face earlier returned and after taking a mental snapshot of the pleasure on my face I bent over to wash my face off. I replayed the moment in my mind as I washed off my face and when I stood and looked back in the mirror I saw the innocent me again. I moved a sliver of hair aside from my face and looked at the secret hidden in my eyes. I turned off the light without breaking my gaze into the mirror and crawled into bed with Mo. As much as I preferred to not be bothered with the overnight lover, Mo had given me everything I wanted for the night and for that he had earned a spot beside me for the night. Mo played a voice recording of us fucking as I drifted off; it was why he had left me earlier. I fell asleep with a smile on my face and a naughty thought on my mind that I knew I would be sure to act out in the morning.

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