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What’s Your Fantasy?

I sipped my wine and felt every area of my body that it passed through. My head was lightly swimming but the buzz was nice. "So if you had someone who wanted to just focus on you. They just wanted to do whatever would bring you the ultimate pleasure-filled experience, what would you tell them that they need to do?" I had been asked this question before but had never truly let myself go enough to really uncover the answer. What was it that I really wanted? After having experiences that were so focused on the pleasure of my partner, I wasn't sure I even knew what I liked. I felt like Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride when she wasn't sure what kind of eggs she liked. She ended up trying them all before she figured out she like Eggs Benedict. I wanted to find my (for lack of a better phrase) sexual Eggs Benedict. I closed my eyes and imagined myself living the ultimate sexual experience. As the wine caressed my thoughts, my body relaxed and I could see the entire scene playing out…

"Keep your eyes closed." He led me into the hotel after dinner and I felt myself under the drinks we had shared. The conversation had been wonderful and the more he spoke, the hotter I became. We had decided before our night out to have a little fun. We had agreed that we would play 'Stranger at the Bar'. I had given him the remote to my voice-motivated vibrating panties the night before and we agreed I would wear them. We would both go to the restaurant separately and meet at the bar "by chance". I would be wearing a black dress, little and hugging in all the right places. He would be dapper in slacks and a button up shirt. He would offer to buy me a drink and I would rebuff his advances. He would say something charming and I would let my guard down a little. After a couple of drinks we would agree to eat together and during dinner he would conspicuously speak into the microphone and activate the vibrator in my panties. When I could barely stand it (and was a little too tipsy to be inhibited), he would suggest we leave and I would agree.

We arrived at the hotel still talking as though we were strangers getting familiar. He asked me questions I hadn't quite thought about in a while and I asked him questions I had never cared to ask anyone else. I assume he must have checked in earlier because we walked right past the checkout desk to the elevators. We held hands while waiting for the elevator to come and although we both obviously wanted to tear each other to shreds, we maintained the innocent and fun couple façade. Once in the elevator he leaned me against the elevator wall and kissed me. I closed my eyes as he got closer to my face and let go completely when we connected lips. He put his hands against the wall on either side of my head and when I reached up to pull him into me he broke our kiss to tell me to keep my eyes closed and keep my hands to myself. He continued to ravish me with his kisses and I could feel my body's approval of his actions between my legs. I would've been lost in the Oz of his kisses even further if the elevator door hadn't opened on our floor. I opened my eyes and he chastised me, "I said, keep your eyes closed." A grin invaded my face and I closed my eyes. He had so much power over me and I loved it, I imagined this is what the First Lady feels like when the President is playing President in the bedroom. He took me by the waist and led me out of the elevator; we turned left and walked for what almost seemed like forever. I believe the drinks had made my footsteps heavier than they should be. When we finally came to a stop, he reached his arms around my waist from behind and I heard the click of the key card unlocking the room door.

He led me through the door with his body and told me to make sure my eyes stayed closed. I felt him separate from behind me and the door click closed; I was nervous and excited; as many hotels as I had been in I had never really had a surprise. Tyrese's 'Signs of Lovemaking' whispered faintly in the distance, I wondered where he was and how long I would have to wait for him to come and get me. It was as though he could read my thoughts because as soon as I had punctuated the thought in my mind he kissed me. His hands ran up my arms and around my back and he began to unzip my dress. As it fell to the floor I stepped out of it and he whispered "keep your shoes on." He led me by the hand and when we stopped he gave me my next order, "Open your eyes". There were candles on either side of the bed and on the desk and tv stand. Rose petals adorned the floor I stood on and the bed; on any other day I would've been overly emotional but today I was turned on. He had taken everything I loved about romance and incorporated it into our night of tawdry and torrid intimacy. Mr. President moved quicker than my thoughts could process, unclasping my bra and pushing me onto the bed after removing it. I wriggled up further onto the bed to make room for him; not part of the plan apparently as he grabbed my thighs mid-wriggle and pulled me down to the edge of the bed. He was still fully dressed and looking at me as though we had not both had a bite to eat in the restaurant. He placed my legs atop his shoulders and looked at me as he kissed my ankles and worked his lips and tongue up my legs. He kissed behind my knees and caressed the thigh he wasn't kissing. The higher he came the more labored my breathing became; in my mind I knew he was sexually famished and my pussy was his sustenance. He stopped kissing at my inner thigh and I wasn't sure if it was because my breathing had caused him to be concerned about my state. As my face contorted into a quizzical look he attacked my pussy with his tongue and I let out a loud moan. He French kissed me down there as he had my lips in the elevator and the more he kissed the wetter I became. I heard as his face slid around my treasure box and while his tongue slid in and out my body responded without hesitation. I felt my body betray me and prepare to concede defeat; I believe he felt the same because he pulled away in the nick of time. I took my legs down from his shoulders and wrapped them around his waist. I pulled him to me with my legs and when he fell onto me I kissed him with a passion that he could've never seen coming. The taste of my pleasure and his hunger mixed together assaulted my tongue and the more I had the more I wanted.

He broke our kiss and started to undress. I wriggled up onto the bed feeling the petals massaging my back as I moved. His pants dropped to the floor to reveal his hardened cock and I felt my body preparing to betray me yet again. My legs parted themselves as if his stiff dick had whispered "Open sesame" to them. He hopped up on the bed and pressed against me; he kissed my neck and caressed my skin. He whispered in my ear "I want you" and I moaned, once he realized I loved to be spoken to his dick and diction worked together. His head parted my lips that were sealed together only by my wetness. Every stroke brought a new word from his lips. He slid in "You're so beautiful" and out. In again, "Your pussy feels so good" and out. In "I want you to trust me. Be a bad girl for me and I promise I'll treat you so good." And out. I wrapped my hand around the back of his neck and pulled him into me, I whispered in his ear "whatever you want tonight is yours. You tell me how and I'll do it baby." His dick pulsated at the thought of being in charge and Mr. President took his cue. "Turn onto our stomach and arch your back." I rolled over onto my stomach and tucked my knees underneath me. He lifted my ass with his hands and rested my dripping pussy on his throbbing dick. I let out a soft coo as I slid down onto him and almost immediately bounced back up. He moved his hands to my waist and I began to wind my hips. Usher's "Trading Places" played in the background and I moved to the rhythm; slowly and sensually I threw it back at him. Usher sang that he would get it and I bounced my ass to his stutter. Mr. President anchored me to him while he elongated his strokes. The more I moved, the deeper he endeavored to go; I felt his dick drowning and he continued to dig down deep for more. His hands slid up my back to my neck and into my hair. He wrapped some strands around his fingers and pulled just hard enough that my head tilted back; "Tell me if you like it" I moaned and obeyed "I like it baby" he loosened his grip on my hair and wrapped a hand around my throat. "How much do you like it?" He wanted me to stroke his ego as he stroked me and I obliged "I like it so much I don't want you to stop. Please baby, don't stop." As if I had just given him permission, Mr. President went to work. No longer to maintain a calm demeanor he began to thrust faster and harder. I felt him hit parts of me inside that I was sure should not be moved, but I wanted him to continue to rearrange my furniture. He grabbed for my hair again with every hard thrust and slapped my ass harder on each entry "Tell me you're my girl. Tell me whose pussy it is." I didn't even need prompting but since he beat me to it I again obliged; "I'm all yours baby. This pussy is all yours and I want you to put your name all over my walls." His groan was guttural and deep, it turned me on. He pulled out yet again before my body betrayed me and I heard him open and close the lid on the lube. I couldn't think of why he would need lube when he had created a wild water kingdom already but as I felt him massage my ass I comprehended.

His dick pressed against my sphincter and he bounced back and forth. Every time he bounced into me his head broke into my ass just a little. He caressed my back and spoke "Trust me baby. Just relax." I let my body relax and he slid in with ease. This was unlike any anal experience I'd ever had; he slid in and out of me with a skill that my other lovers lacked and as he speeded up I felt my body shudder. I threw my ass back on him (literally) and felt the ecstasy building. When he realized I was comfortable Mr. President pushed my shoulders down into the bed and slid pillows under my mid-section. He arched my back in ways I had never done before and dove deeper and deeper into me. I had never had anal sex that made me feel so satiated. As I thought about how incredible this experience was, my body finally fully betrayed me and I began to cum. At first I worried that I had been caught off guard by an accident of sorts but he stuck his hand just under my pussy and commended me for squirting. As he caught the evidence that he was in fact the owner of my pussy he rubbed my cum into my skin and pushed harder and harder. As I screamed and moaned he moaned as well and before I could slow his pace he announced his victory "I'm gonna cum!" Mr. President hesitated only momentarily, before releasing into my ass and shuddering as he did so. When he finally slid out of me limp, I listened as his release dripped out of me onto the bed. I moved the pillows and laid flat on my stomach. His fingers traced the small of my back and we both worked at having our breathing come down to a normal pace. "Are you ok?" I was more than ok, I was speechless. "Yeah I'm good." He kissed my forehead and continued caressing my skin. As I nodded off a feeling of contentment overtook my body and I remembered our little game. "I don't do one night stands." His tone revealed his grin and he said "Then I'll see you next week." I nestled under his arm as close to him as possible and drifted off. Next week I would play easy at the bar and when I got him home I would command him in bed.

"That sounds hot." I opened my eyes and realized the entire experience had been a vivid description of my fantasy. "Hello?" I had moved myself to orgasm and sat with my legs open and my pussy wet. "Yeah, that's what I would want." The silence on the other end gave me just the break I needed. "I'm gonna have a shower and talk to you a little later." I hung up the phone and hopped off the bed. I grabbed my towel and my favorite vibrator out of my pleasure chest. I turned on the shower and stepped into the tub; I turned on my vibrator and smiled as the thoughts swirled in my head. "Keep your eyes closed." I was ready to relive this fantasy yet again…

A Letter From Kay

Phone A Friend…