Welcome to my blog. I write erotica and host a podcast where we talk about sex, relationships, dating and everything in between.  So strap up, listen closely and get ready, because you WILL get wet on this ride!

A Letter From Kay

Hi Y'all! First of all THANK YOU!!!!

Your response has been incredible and it is truly humbling and mind-blowing to know you guys are enjoying it. Please feel free to keep commenting and reaching out to me. I LOVE talking to you guys. With that said, I wanted to share with you a great note I got from one of my readers (she gave me permission, but I generally keep everything you guys send me private).

Dear Vanity,

The other day I borrowed my husband's laptop and your blog came up in the browser window. I started to read and was at first a little upset that he was reading the intimate details of another woman's love life. Later that night we had sex and it was the most amazing experience. I turned my jealousy into competition and I endeavored to outdo your own performance. When my husband asked me what got into me I told him that I had read the blog.

My husband and I now read the blog posts together in bed. It turns us both on and really makes for better lovemaking. I'm wondering if you'll ever be posting tips or tricks or recommending toys and stuff. Your blog made me feel empowered in my sexuality and I want to use this newfound empowerment to spice up my marriage all the time.

Keep up the great work and I can't wait for the book (if there is a book...PLEASE let there be a book!!!)



I love you guys and your feedback and I look forward to having more of you hop into my e-bed with me. Until next time, keep it sexy with every stroke!

Ever Yours,


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