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Beautiful Disaster…

He stood a tall and stocky 6'4". He had braids; he smoked cigars and worked with his hands. He had the most beautiful smile and his eyes were more innocent than his words. He and I didn't notice each other our first meeting. I was more focused on a shorter brother with a fade and he was just chilling with his friends. My girlfriend dated his homeboy and that's how we all ended up in the same space. He hung around as we got dressed to go out to the club and my invisibility cloak came off in his eyes when I was dressed to go out in black wet-look boy shorts and a halter top. As we all walked out of the hotel to our respective cars, he pulled up beside me before I could open the door to get into the driver seat. "So can I call you later?" A smile invaded my facial space and I looked at him half blushing and half curious. "Oh, so now you notice me?" His accent was 100% New York and everything about him was strong to me. "Nah, it's not even like that. I thought you were kickin it with ole boy and I didn't want to step on nobody's toes. Your body is amazing." I was NOT feeling that response and I let him know it; "Of course, so all you see is my body?" "Yeah, as a matter of fact your body is all I see. If there's more to you than that then you'll let me take you out to eat in the morning and you can show me what I'm missing." He was almost as smooth as I was and although he didn't know it, I had already made up my mind that if I wore panties tomorrow, they would be his. "I'll call you in the morning and we'll work something out." He smiled that beautiful smile and for a moment he looked like a kid whose uncle had just slipped him $5 and a sip of rum. "But wait, how you gon' call me when you ain't got my number yet?" I flashed him a smile that was sexy and mischievous; "If I want you I can find you, believe that." I stepped into my car and pulled off. The next morning I had my girlfriend procure his number for me. I called him and I think he may have been sitting on his phone because it rang once before he answered it. "Hey Pretty Lady, I hope you're hungry. Meet me at my place and I'll take you to my favorite spot to eat." He gave me his address and didn't give me any opportunity to object. I liked that he was taking charge so I rolled out of bed and had a shower and got dressed. I pulled up to his house and watched him smoking a Black and Mild. The smoke billowed out of the perfect 'O' that his lips formed and he chuckled at whatever he had heard. I was blasting Jay-Z's "What more can I say" when I pulled up and everyone looked up to see whether or not the driver had permission to be on that block. I wore brown jeans with a green wash to them and a brown halter top that showed off my toned stomach, back and arms. The brown heels I wore raised my ass to sit nicely on the shelf that was my legs and I knew I was getting out of this car one way or another so that he and everyone he was with could see the entire win he was about to experience. I leaned on the white Impala I was driving and looked at him. All eyes were hot and on me and when he looked up and realized it was me he quickly said his good byes and jogged across the street. "Do you normally have breakfast dressed like this?" He pulled all 5'5" of me in for a big bear hug and lifted me off the ground. He had no idea that he would be lifting me again later on, just my legs would be wrapped around his waist and there wouldn't be the hindrance that is clothes between us. "I don't normally wear clothes for breakfast so this is me all dressed up for the occasion." He flashed that panty melting smile again and we hopped into the car.

We talked about my experience at the club the night before and he again reiterated how amazing I had looked. We walked into the diner and I knew it was "his spot" because the waitress greeted him like he was a nephew she hadn't seen in a while. "Well who is this pretty little thing?" He chuckled nervously and I smiled politely and extended my hand "Hello, I'm Vee", she smiled and looked at him with approval; "well you must be somebody special because in all the years he's been coming here I ain't never seen him in here with a girl. Sweetheart have a seat and let me get you a menu, I already know what he wants." It was nice that I was the first and it made me want him that much more. We ate and he asked if I wanted to go for a drive or if I just wanted to go back to the hotel afterwards. I opted for the hotel because I had something I wanted to give to him.

We got to the hotel and my friends took their cue to leave, I led him into the bedroom of the suite and he looked at me half amused and half frightened to be devoured. He kicked off his timbs and the slit of light that snuck in through the curtains gave him the view of my sexy silhouette. I slid out of my jeans and turned my back to him, he didn't touch me; just watched. I pulled my hair to the side and asked him if he would help me with my bra, he unclipped quicker than I ever could and as it slid off of my body I turned to him so he could see the hardness of my nipples. He cupped my breasts with his strong hands and I purred; he had the touch of a real man. He massaged my breasts and pinched my nipples in between his fingers. In one quick movement he swept me up into his arms and I wrapped my legs around his waist. I could feel the hardness of his dick through his jeans and when he dropped me down onto the bed I opened my legs and started to warm up his lunch. I massaged my clit, every circular motion making me wetter and wetter. I closed my eyes and listened to him undress; his belt buckle clinking as he undid it, his shirt peeling off of his skin and his jeans sliding to the floor. I opened my eyes briefly and his dick was a decent size, nothing to write home about and nothing to scoff at either. He pulled me to the corner of the bed by my legs and dropped to his knees to worship at my fountain. He started with little sips, as though he didn't want to run out; sips turned into gulps and before long he was practically washing his face in my waters. My body writhed in pleasure and I called out to him louder with each and every stroke of his tongue. I was on the verge of calling him all kinds of names that he'd never heard before when he stopped and dropped his boxers.

His dick stood at attention and honed in on its destination. The anticipation was making me heated and I felt the rush of excitement overtaking my body. He slid his arm under my back and with one arm lifted me further up onto the bed. Every exhibition of his strength turned me on more and more, he was teasing me with the tip of his dick and I was hating that I loved it so much. He buried his face in my neck and his beard tickled a spot I didn't even know would arouse me; I noted to myself how much I loved his beard. He finally entered me with one quick thrust and all of my anticipation enveloped his dick. We both surrendered to the sound of our bodies joining and my moans were like whimpers. He became like putty in my hands and dropped his face into my shoulder. He slid both hands underneath and gripped my ass as though he would fall into an abyss if he let go. I wrapped my legs around him and I squeezed my pussy on his dick, I wanted him to feel what I was thinking; I had him.

I felt a tremor between us and it snapped out of my sex-induced drunkenness; his thrusts became faster and deeper and his body began to tremble. My eyes opened and I could feel the concern sweeping my face; this couldn't be happening to me. His breath was hotter on my neck and he dug his face deeper into my shoulders. I loosened the vice grip my pussy had on his dick and started to wriggle out from beneath him. He started to growl into my neck and I reverted to full out pushing him off; I slid him out of me but it was already too late. I felt as his orgasm squirted across my pussy and he collapsed on the bed beside me breathing heavily. If I had been counting it would've been possibly 8 strokes. The disappointment was beyond real. This perfect embodiment of manliness was an 8-stroke brotha and I had an entire orgasm that was bottled up inside of me. I popped up off of the bed and stormed off to the bathroom. I turned on the water and let the heat just wash over me, I couldn't believe how much that did not even meet let alone exceed my expectations. He knocked on the door "Need someone to wash your back?" I was pissed. "Nope, I'll wash my own back. As a matter of fact, it's feeling a little crowded in here. How about I call you later?" I was in no mood to be gentle with his ego. "You want me to leave?" I rolled my eyes and tried to concentrate on not sucking my teeth. "Yeah, this was something but I have some shopping and stuff to do so we'll catch up." "Um, ok." I could hear the confusion in his voice and I didn't give a damn. Not only did he not satisfy me, but I was so mad I couldn't even finish the job myself. After washing up I popped out of the shower and as I dried off I heard the front door click. I walked into the room and pulled the sheets off of the bed. If they were mine I would've burned them. I calmed myself down and lay back on the bed with my legs open. I relaxed myself and thought of him as he was before he came. I reached down and started touching myself. My body hummed and I started to fade. This man was going to get me off, whether or not he was capable…

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