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MY Truth about (Safe) Sex

This isn't anything like what you're used to seeing in my room. I usually give you all of the scintillating details about my trysts and I know that that's exactly how you like it. But I need to have a conversation with you guys about sex and safety. Now I'm not trying to lecture you; we're all grown and really and truly whatever I say isn't really gonna be what's on your mind when the time comes to get down to business, but just hear me out. When you flip through my diary you see naked me, I tell you the story the way it happened in that moment. I don't give you back story because that's not what you're here for (and well you can buy the book if you want back story), I don't tell you how long I've known these people or what our ups and downs were. I don't tell you about us going to get tested at the clinic and having days/nights just doing nothing at all. I tell you about the moments when we're the most bare and I give you the details you need to know about that. But please don't take that to mean that protection doesn't exist or has never been used in my life. Please don't let the stories that you've read lead you to believe that I traipse around the world having unprotected sex with whomever tickles my fancy. I assure you, that is not the case.

I get tested quarterly. It's like clockwork every three months, so much so that I'm almost positive that my doctor thinks that I either escort or do porn. She asks me the same question every time "Have you met a new partner?" and "Is there anything in particular that you're worried about?" I always tell her no and she says ok and gets to the business of doing my swab, creating a requisition for me to take to the lab for urine and blood work and telling me when I can expect my results. I ask her for a paper copy once they come back, she gives me the briefest of side eyes and says yes and then we part ways for another 3 months. It's our relationship and I'm happy about it.

I talk openly about sex with my partners because if I'm old enough to have sex I should be old enough to talk about it, right? I have a larger variation of condoms than an adult store and I use them. I actually enjoy the process involved in getting set to use my condoms. Watching a man put a condom on actually turns me on. I'm sure it's because watching a man roll the condom down his dick makes me think of him masturbating and THAT does things to me that I'm gonna describe in a later post.

I'm not telling you guys to go get tested all the time. I'm not gonna gangster you into using condoms. There's honestly not enough hours in the day for me to explore all the methods of protection available to you. I expect that you'll do the research and learn for yourself because you should care about yourself and your partner that much. What I am gonna tell you is that I write stories that are honest and naked and racy; I tell them how they happened no more or less. I appreciate any and all of you who read my stuff and are concerned with whether or not I'm being socially responsible by not talking about the use of condoms. You guys make me think and I love it; but I can't change my stories to seem more responsible. I've never had an STI but I know people who have and I've slept with people who have had scares both before and after me.

I can (and will) write about how those revelations made me feel. But you've got to remember that this diary, my baby; is in its infancy and there are SO MANY more stories to come. So be patient with me. Keep coming back and you'll learn more. I felt like I needed to write this because I don't ever want you guys to feel like I'm not listening to ALL of you, I am. I want you to know that I appreciate your concern for my safety and you holding me accountable for my behavior.

There's a story coming for you guys on Wednesday so make sure you come back!

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