Welcome to my blog. I write erotica and host a podcast where we talk about sex, relationships, dating and everything in between.  So strap up, listen closely and get ready, because you WILL get wet on this ride!

I’ve Been Bussssssss-y!

Hi Everybody! A lot has happened since we last spoke.  Some of it I can’t tell you, but something very important to me I would like to share.  You guys have all been so supportive of me and SAM and I hemmed and hawed over whether or not to do this.  For those of you who don’t already know, I’m working on my first book based on the content of my blog.  It’s not a collection of stories (cause I love y’all so much I want to give you that), it’s a fictional story about some characters that I have come to absolutely adore while developing them.

Because you all have been so amazing to me, I wanted to embark on this and share it with you.  So right here you’re going to be able to find chapters of my first book ‘Forbidden Pleasures” in the Stroking At Midnight series.  I’m not gonna tell you guys a whole lot about the book in advance because I want you to live it with me; I want you guys to not know what to expect and to experience this storyline as a surprise.  So, check out my next post because the first Chapter is ready for you guys to enjoy!

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing and whomever you’re doing it with; always keep it sexy with each and every stroke!


Mirror Mirror: I Can’t Get Myself Off

Mirror, Mirror….