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Hot Off the Press - Pt. 5

Hot Off the Press - Pt. 5

Her face was ingrained in my mind. I stood in the doorway looking at the rustled papers on my desk and thinking about what had just happened. The scent of her skin was still permeating around me and I couldn’t get the visions of her being bent over my desk out of my mind. The way her body contorted when I touched her, the way her lips embraced my dick; she had given herself to me and I had accepted every piece of her. She had been more than I had expected and still just enough; but now that I knew I could have her, I wanted to have her all the time. This game of cat and mouse that she wanted to play, I was much better at it and I was going to show her. My mind drifted off as I stared at her, legs wide open while she lay on my desk waiting for me; she looked at me longingly and a wicked smile crept onto my face as I shook my head and turned off the light to my office. As I was walking away I thought about how I could barely wait to own her in the way she’d tried to own me tonight; I pulled out my phone and made a call while I walked to the elevator. Wild thoughts danced through my head and when I pressed the button to summon the elevator a pleasant voice on the other end greeted me. 

“Goodnight you’ve reached the Marriott, how can I help you?”

The elevator door opened. I stepped inside and pressed the “P1” button.

“I’d like to book a room for tomorrow please.”

I should’ve known it then, but that was where this entire arrangement took a turn. On a desk, against a wall, even on the office floor; we may have been able to stand a chance. But in a private room that felt a lot like a bedroom at home, neither one of us was safe from the feelings that would inevitably show up if we spent too much uninhibited time alone behind closed doors. I still squirm a little to even think it, but that phone call is exactly where this love affair began.


“So how was work today? I wasn’t expecting you to be so late.” Eric waited for me to respond but I stayed silent, he took his eyes off of the road briefly and glanced at over; I was zoned out completely.

“Hellooooo, Earth to the wife, do you read me?”

I just barely heard his voice over the sounds of me and Jonah earlier. Flashes of our hands gripping each other and the sound of his voice in my ear transported me back to the very moment and I felt my heart skip a beat every time I inhaled. The feeling between my legs was that of a warm tingle and I felt such a sense of relief to know that I had finally acted out on the thoughts I'd been having since I'd first met Jonah. He was talented, intelligent and witty and over the time we had been working together I developed a harmless crush on him. I was always careful not to cross any lines with Jonah since didn't know what his relationship status was, but I was hoping he would give some indication that he would be open to my advances. I don't know what came over me tonight. I just threw caution to the wind without any clear indication it would be warmly received. I guess I felt as though he knew me intimately since he had been reading my erotica. I envisioned him pleasuring himself to the thought of me being pleasured and that was more than enough to create a fire in in me that I just couldn't contain. A squeeze on my leg and snapped me out of my trance.

“Baby, you ok? Where’d you go?”

“I’m great babe. I was just thinking about how sexy you looked tonight coming to get me.” Eric smiled and took his wife’s hand and fingered her ring. 

“I was worried when I didn’t get any response from you when I was calling and just wanted to make sure you weren’t overworking yourself like usual. Jonah doesn’t know it but he’s got a workaholic on his hands. If I left it up to you, you’d work late eight nights in a seven night week.” I smiled at the thought; Eric really was a handsome man. Bald and chocolate, his full beard could look troublesome and warming depending on his facial expression. He loved me to the ends of the Earth and back and I've always been grateful for that. I leaned over and massaged his lap with my hand. 

Eric raised his hand to caress her neck and a moan escaped her lips. Her flesh was warm under his fingers and although he did not usually pick her up from the office, tonight he had wanted her home to satisfy his craving for her. An entire two years married and he still crushed on his wife as much as he had when he met her. Her hands continued to massage his lap and he felt himself getting hard anticipating what he had hoped would be a long night of lovemaking. He pulled into their driveway and lay his head back on the headrest with his eyes closed. He listened as her seatbelt strap retracted and she moved across the leather seat and rested into his lap. He reached his left hand down beside the seat and listened again as the motor slid the seat back. She kissed on his neck and the smell of her perfume caressed the inside of his nostrils. His hands ran along the inside of her thighs and the higher he slid them, the wider her legs opened. He felt her wetness and she moaned and arched her back. His fingers slid into her almost immediately and he rhythmically moved in and out of her while she rocked on his lap.

“Baby, let’s go inside the house.”

She giggled and took his earlobe into her mouth. His ear was a weak spot and she nibbled on it every time she wanted her own way. He started rubbing on her clit and she started to grind on him. It was his turn to moan. His rubbing gradually became faster and before long they were both breathing heavily and trying to outlast each other. She whispered in his ear, 

“You know, you almost caught me sucking Jonah’s dick tonight.” 

He stopped rubbing and she sat with her eyes closed, lips still near his ear listening to his breathing. He grabbed her blouse and tore open her shirt, her breasts escaped her shirt with relief and he grabbed one with his hands. She threw her head back and put her leg on the dashboard so that his access would be completely unrestricted. 

“So that’s why you weren’t answering? You were fucking with the boss?”

She smiled a wicked smile before responding, “I was. I couldn’t help myself. I wanted to taste him, so I did.”

To be continued . . .

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