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Hot Off the Press - Pt. 6

Hot Off the Press - Pt. 6

He released her breast and wrapped his hand around her throat. Listening to her choke a little he squeezed and felt as her breathing slowed. The corner of her mouth held her wicked smile in place and she reached up and caressed his hand in encouragement. She was enjoying this and he was happy that tonight she wanted to play. He whispered in her ear “Get out of the fucking car. Now.” She reached her hand up behind her and opened the door and pulling her legs across spun out of the car. She stood on the driveway with her blouse open and skirt pulled up to her mid-thigh looking at him. He watched the rise and fall of her chest and thought about how she had provoked him. He pulled out his dick, held it and looked up at her. Biting her bottom lip she leaned over and whispered into the car “What are you gonna do with that Daddy?” She was still taunting him and he had to remind her that she was not in charge tonight. “I’m not going to do anything. I want you to show me how you sucked his dick. Right here.” Without the slightest hesitation, she stooped down in her heels and started to suck. Her head bobbed furiously and he held her head with both hands. Once he had clocked her rhythm he pushed her head down further and listened as she gagged and gasped for air. Whenever she grabbed at his wrists, he would let her up for a moment and when he felt her relax he would push her down again.

“So I’m at home worried about you and you’re out fucking your boss? Huh?”

In between slurps she answered “Yeah, and?”

She was so fucking smug about it and it made him want to choke her again. He pulled her up by her hair and slapped her face. “You don’t think I’m tired of you being a whore all the time? I’m trying to make this marriage work and you can’t seem to keep your legs closed.” He looked at her with disgust and pushed his dick down her throat again. He felt her airway close around his head and the sound of her gagging and the feeling of her saliva coating his shaft and balls made him shudder. Almost without warning he felt his balls tightening and involuntarily eased up on holding her down. He had made a mistake she always seemed to be able to cause him to make in these moments and showed a sliver of weakness for her. She pushed his hands away and began stroking and sucking in a rhythm so perfect that he could barely control himself. “Holy shit. Fuuuuuck baby, you did it to him like this?” she didn’t respond and he put a hand on his head and tried not to focus on how good she felt. He hadn’t planned to finish out here. “C’mon baby stop. Let’s go in the house.” He barely tried to push her head out of his lap; her mouth was so wet and warm and her hands were stroking and twisting her saliva all over his shaft. “Baby, I’m gonna cum. You gonna take this cum down your throat like a good girl to apologize for being so nasty tonight or you wanna stop and go in the house so I can look you in the eyes while I fill up your pussy?” His offer was barely above a whisper and he was hoping that she would become turned on and stop.

She became turned on, but it only made her work harder and he dug his heels into the car floor; he was about to lose this battle, again. 

“Goddamn baby, I’m gonna cum.” She slurped louder and he held the back of her head down and groaned so loud he was sure some neighbors had heard. As he felt himself draining, he reached his hand around her throat so he could feel her swallowing him. She gulped and sucked at the same time and he tingled as his very soul emptied into her mouth. Her tongue danced around his head as he twitched and she purred like a cat while he stroked her hair. Finally rising back to her feet, she walked into the house and left him sitting with the door open. Gathering himself, Eric walked into the house shortly after.

“Where you going?” he asked as she slowly climbed the stairs.

“To the shower. It’s late and has been a very long day. I’m gonna let the water massage the muscles that I assume are somewhere under this skin and then lay in bed waiting for you.”

Eric laughed “Fine. But just remember that what I give you tonight is what you asked for.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” 

He chuckled and listened to her soft steps on the plush carpet. “Baby?”

She stopped at the top of the stairs “Yeah?”

“That, in the car; it was so sexy. But I’d never want to share you.”

“I know babe, that’s why this is all pretend.”

He smiled again and she continued walking to the bedroom. Shortly after he heard the water turn on and went into the kitchen to put down his keys and phone. He wondered to himself how he had gotten so lucky, but had learned to count his blessings and not question them.

To be continued . . . 

Hot Off the Press - Pt. 5

Hot Off the Press - Pt. 5